A downloadable game for Windows

So far the game is in Russian only. 

This is a class project. I have been studying a course named 'Unreal for narrative designers'. And I got inspired by the Scary restroom tutorial by Wiktor Öhman (he was inspired by Silent Hill 2 I love too). And then I have read Steppenwolf. I also like the idea of talking to mirror beatifully realized in Disco Elysium. So it's a game about self-analysis. 

Story, narrative design, level design, no-code development - Anton Zaitsev

Environment assets: Wiktor Öhman (Megascans), Alex Jun (Unreal Marketplace).

Characters: Renderpeople (Unreal Marketplace). 

Props:UB, MadHoundGames (Unreal Marketplace); bgnalm, Mr. Wolf, ValiantAGP, stimpik (Turbosquid); 1-3D.com (Sketchfab), TWIG-design (cgtrader). 

Sounds: tosha73, lennyboy, PatrickLieberkin, Erokia, lebaston100, ShadyDave, Setuniman, ERH, Erdie, wordswar, Porphyr, Amatvejuk721, bolkmar, camiojeda7, stk13, RobinDavidsen (freesounds.org).



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